Slendertone Connect Abs Belt

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Reach your personal workout and physique goals with the Slendertone Connect Abs Belt, a revolutionary, app-driven ab-sculpting belt that has a toning effect on your abdominal muscles whilst tracking your progress using a mobile app*. Highly ergonomic and discreet under clothing, the unisex belt can be worn around the house, at work, or during activities for enhanced results. It connects to the specially designed app via Bluetooth Smart technology and allows you to create a profile, set your goals and monitor your progress in real time, day by day. Offering programmes tailored to your specific goals and needs, it has five 6 week programmes to help increase your physical performance, improve your shape or tone your muscles even more. Designed to be used anywhere, by anyone, wearing the belt for just 30 minutes is equivalent to performing 202 sit ups. Expect toned feeling abs and a sense of achievement when you track and smash your daily goals via the app. Features: Slendertone Connect Abs Unisex Toning Belt. App-driven toning belt. Connects with Apple and Android devices*. Smart Bluetooth Technology. The app has five 6 week programmes for different needs. Set goals and monitor progress in real time. Slim and discreet for wearing under clothes. Comes with: rechargeable controller, 1 USB charging cable, 1 Set of replacement gel pads, instruction manual, travel pouch. Fits the following sizes: Waist: 24”- 42” / 61-107cm. *This app requires and Apple iPhone 4S or newer, Apple iPad 4th generation or newer, Apple iPod Touch, or Android 4.4 or newer.
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Slendertone Connect Abs Belt

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