Koch Amps Studiotone 20 Combo

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Koch Amps Studiotone Combo, Guitar Combo Amp@+The amps of the Dutch company Koch are no longer an insider tip. Nice tube sound, at the same time flexible and settled in a fair price class - these are the most important infos in advance. The studiotone combo could attract all guitarists who want to use the warmth and distortion of a power amplifier at tolerable volumes. On the other hand, this amp with its 20 W also has clean reserves, which should be sufficient in most cases.@+@+Which brings us to the clean channel, which has quite Fender-like qualities: You can choose from fat to sparkling sounds here, with 2 voicing switches (2x for mid, 3x for treble), which effectively modify the sound. The overdrive channel on the other hand really takes off - strong, warm tube sound located between the rough British and settled American sound. The gain will be enough for most people. The Overdrive Boost channel, boosts the same sound even stronger and thus also hi-gain applications are covered. The 3 sounds share one equalizer - in the studio no problem anyway. But also for live applications it is no problem, because the gain staging between clean and overdrive is already set.@+@+The 12"" VG12 Koch loudspeaker installed here is built in cooperation with Jensen and it fits perfectly to this small power cube. A highlight not only in the studio, but also when you have a quite delicate situation with the volume live: A recording-out with two simulated speaker types and microphone positions is located at the back. If you have to play silently, one can switch on the power soak and send the signal directly to the mixer - completely without any noise. Excellent tube sound with many useful features - not just for the studio!, Power: 20W, Equipped with: 1x 12"" VG12-60 Koch loudspeaker, 3 Channels: Clean, overdrive, overdrive boost, Class A, Tubes: 2x EL 84, Passive bass - mid - treble equalizers, 2 Vocing switches: Mid shift (2-way), bright (3-way), Separate loudspeaker outputs: 4, 8, 16 ohm, Speaker on/ off switch, Recording output, Effect loop, Reverb, Headphone output, Dimensions: 45 x 24 x 44 cm, Weight: 17.5 kg, Incl. FS2-ST foot switch
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Koch Amps Studiotone 20 Combo

990,00 €
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