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Recognize animal tracks and signs; master a variety of wood and steel traps, snares, deadfalls, and pens; mix your own animal scents; skin, stretch, cure, and tan hides, learn how to trap every animal imaginable; and more! A collection of tips, tactics, and anecdotes from the finest trappers the United States has ever seen, The Trapper’s Bible is an essential reference guide for hunters, trappers, and historians. Taken directly from some of the upmost authorities on the trapping profession, hundreds of photos and illustrations adorn this fascinating compendium. Here are details on a wide variety of different traps and extensive information outlining the behavior and nature of a long list of animals commonly hunted and trapped: Deer and moose Muskrat, and beaver Wolf, coyote, and fox Black bear and grizzly bear. Raccoon and rabbit Skunk, weasel, and woodchuck And much more! The Trapper’s Bible offers the best of the best. It’s an amazing collection of hard-to-find information and an informative look into life as a trapper.
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